Recycled IT | Free IT disposal for all with no landfill.

When selling and disposing of the old and unwanted computer equipment within your organisation, it doesn't seem at first that there are many things to consider, other than finding someone who would pay the highest price to take them away, or consign some of them to server duty.

But the recent fall in new equipment prices, the rising costs of land fill tax, the enormous volumes of unwanted PC equipment, the Data Protection Act, WEEE and increasing EEC legislation over ecological disposal has radically changed the way that we must all view the situation regarding PC disposal. Did you know for example that the latest estimates put the amount of computer and electrical waste discarded in the UK every year to be approaching 100 million tonnes in UK alone, and 75% of this goes to landfill? As a result, it should come as no surprise to anyone to learn of the rocketing costs of disposal as legislation and taxation is introduced.

Disposing of equipment by selling it on is becoming less and less likely because of the amount needed spending on the collection and decommissioning of equipment. Where once there was a residual value, there is fast becoming a residual disposal cost. Did you know that in a recent report from consultants, the Gartner Group, the true cost of disposing of an unwanted PC was reported to be up to £150 per PC?

There are many far more important things and costs to think about these days than simply achieving the highest bid, such as the collection costs, the erasure of data from the hard drive, the liaison with your asset register and ecological disposal.

That’s why at RecycledIT we are committed and strive to 100% recycle of all IT equipment and ZERO to Landfill.